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You first received a ring probably when you were very young that is if you are a woman. If you are however a man you will probably receive your first ring when you will reach the majority age. As a girl you will probably lose your first ring quite easily but you will always have a ring that you can ware on your finger either if you’re four or if you’re 16 you will have a different ring.

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The first ring of a female kid is usually a golden one with a small ruby this has to be quite sturdy in order to resist the constant rubbing, sucking and constant beating that it will take if the kid is left with it on the finger, fact which is not recommended at all since the kid could actually swallow it.

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The ring is one that has a flexible size thus being perfectly suited for your daughter till she reaches 12 – 13 years old, usually the age when she will start demanding more rings and jewelry altogether. Females are really picky when it comes to rings and any kind of jewelry for that matter. Although girls represent the more feminine side of the two sexes and should and do opt for a more fragile type of ring that is decorated with tiny details and with precision hammered precious stones, in the teenager period, girls feel the need to exaggerate and often make use of big fancy rings.

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The boys on the other had are not always trilled to receive a ring as a present, somehow in their little minds the process of binding them with a chain ring of something subconsciously brings up the image of marriage not a pleasant sight to have when you turn 18 or 21 depending on country. Anyhow this rings are usually rings that are passed down from father to son over generations thus enforcing the bound between the father and the children.

In some cases the ring is passed from the father of the father of the children to the firs male children to be born. The male ring is usually a big ring that is either a bigger version of the male wedding ring or it is simply a big ring that might have a precious stone as well. Boys, man are not really picky with their rings they usually chose to ware big rings just o show better their force, social position and overall power.



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