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Wedding Jewelry – how to match the wedding dress

It sure was not easy to find that dream dress that you were looking for, but as you will soon find out choosing the right wedding jewelry to match it will prove to be just as hard. There are many details that need to be kept in mind: dress color, style, cleavage, color of the bouquet and last but not least the type of jewelry that you prefer.

Wedding Jewelry - how to match the wedding dress Wedding Jewelry - how to match the wedding dress picture

Your beauty radiates through your hairstyle and your wedding jewelry in the highest percentage. However the wedding jewelry or the dress are not the ones that have to stand out when someone is looking at you; they are just meant to come and expose parts of your body that will make you stand out because of your natural beauty and by your skill to enhance the look of every part of your body that looks good and by carefully hiding any imperfection. Your long neck will stand up nicely if it is surrounded by a white pearl necklace that will enhance the neck lines and not drag all the attention on itself.

Depending on the generosity of the cleavage, there are some variations on the type of wedding jewelry that you could wear. However, since this process can be quite lengthy and you shouldn’t rush deciding, add your jewelry quest to the wedding checklist timeline, so you don’t postpone this detail until it’s too late, or forget about dealing with it on time.

If you get a simpler dress with no cleavage then you can opt for a necklace that is tightly surrounding your neck or you could choose not to use any at all, in any chase your hairstyle will have to be gorgeous and your earrings should balance the lack of the necklace while emphasizing the face. E Both long and short earrings are suitable for this type of dress but it is better to use a bulky pair. Earrings that are too fine risk of being eclipsed by the hair and the dress embroidery.

Not a very big cleavage? Then use well fitted necklaces around the neck. You can choose a necklace of pearls or precious stones that will put your neck in value. Another option would be recommended to wear a necklace on the neck, for example consists of several rows of pearls. Those earrings are no longer suitable, but no shorts.

If the dress has a generous decolletage you will generally have to choose carefully the wedding jewelry. In this case you should fit more accessories, giving you more options to choose the way that suits you most. The around the neck necklace does not match, because a large area of the neck ​​remains discovered. The best option would be to wear a necklace that falls slightly below the neck. Whether you choose a necklace with a fine gemstone or if you choose a pendant necklace you will be nice anyway, but do not forget to match the colors of either the dress or of the necklace with the flowers in the bouquet.



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