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Pearl Necklace for your Wedding Gown

In some countries pearl jewelry is considered to bring bad luck due to the superstition that surrounds pearl jewelry which states that if you ware such an item for your wedding you will influence your relationship and that you will cry with tears as big and round as the pearls of your pearl jewelry. So even though you like them you might feel some retain when it comes to actually ware a pearl jewelry piece for your wedding. Just as with lilies pearl jewelry are not to be used in any arrangement of the wedding else you will have to suffer the consequences.

Pearl Necklace for your Wedding Gown Pearl Necklace for your Wedding Gown Picture

That means no bouquet with lily should be used nor should you make use of lace with a lily theme on your dress, and thus no pearls should be used to decorate the wedding dress, nor should any pearl necklace or ring or borsch or pin should be used. But all of this applies only if you are superstitious. Of course some people really enjoy pearls and so they decide to look at the pearl jewelry superstition with a challenging way, and deciding to believe that the superstition refers strictly to tears when it mentions crying if you ware such items for a wedding.

And since every couple cries at least one tear at every wedding some decide to believe that the superstition refers to tears of joy so they embrace pearls with all their being. At the same time others still are not confident in these interpretation of the myth. People that weared pearls at their weddings will always think back inevitably to the moment were they decided to ware pearl jewelry when they will pass trough a more difficult.

Pearls are quite rare in nature and thus are quite expensive but there have been developed ways of engineering pearls in the laboratory on a scale large enough to cover the market of necklaces, earrings, pins, rings and the fashion market as well. So since the choice is now yours you can decide if you want to take into account the myths and superstitions or if you want to let free your imagination and utilize pearl jewelry as decorating material for clothing and or as accessories for you wedding gown. Pearl jewelry can be used for men jewelry as well both for the shirt buttons and for the tie pin. You can even find sets of such pearl jewelry that have a reasonable price if the pearls are man made.


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