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Jewelry for a bride … bright

Either made of pearls or precious stones, bride jewelry can not miss the attire of any bride. Tiara, earrings and necklace are almost mandatory bride jewelry when it comes to accessories that a woman has to wear on her wedding day. So if you’re looking for the proper amounts of bride jewelry, inspire yourself from our suggestions.

Gems Tiara Gems Tiara Picture
  • Gems

Tiara is the “the cherry on top of the cake”, is the accessory that completes your wedding dress and that makes you feel just like a fairy. Opt for a simple tiara, because you risk having a too busy outfit.

Gems Earrings Gems Earrings Picture

Earrings can not miss from the bride jewelry set of accessories, so if you opted for jewelry with stones, you can choose between small earrings, chandelier style earrings or simple ones. If you want to wear the simple and small ones, you can choose a larger, more luxurious necklace, but if you’ll take them long, which tend to shoulder (without) the neck is recommended to wear something more subtle.

Gem Necklace Gem Necklace Picture

A nice necklace beautifies any bride’s neck so you can not be afraid to ware such a bridal jewelry. As mentioned above, must be careful how you match it. So if you want a bigger necklace, it is recommended to wear little earrings.

Pearl Tiara Pearl Tiara Picture
  • Pearls

A tiara “loaded” with beads makes you think of a queen, so if he is feeling with your guests want to stay, accessorize up with such a wreath. It does not matter if the pearls are cream, white or pink. It is important to match the entire outfit and other bridal jewelry.

Pearl Earrings Pearl Earrings Picture

Pearl earrings are very elegant and beautify your face. So if you want a hot, angelic face, you wear these earrings that “sweeten you” traits.

Pearl Necklace Pearl Necklace Picture

Necklaces of pearls or beads are worn by ladies of high society especially at special events that show the sophistication and elegance of pearls. Princess Diana, for example, wore at almost every event that she went to pearl bridal jewelry.

Before taking the final decision, think very well if your bridal jewelry matches the dress. For example, if the wedding dress has a few pearls applied, it would be advisable to wear jewelry with pearls and vice versa in the case of precious stones. But if the dress has a lot of beads, jewels of the same material, are kept loaded too, so beware of excesses!

Also avoid wearing large accessories, so that in itself is a clothing dress fluffy. If you want a high tiara, for example, give up the idea of ​​long necklace.

Even if the jewels are needed to outfit a bride, do not overdo the accessories too much, because you have to stand out and be a “star” and not the gems.


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