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How to choose wedding earrings

Well in order to choose wedding earrings you first have to know how to choose rings in general. What does that mean do you ask? Quite simple you need to know two thinks: one is what you are going to ware when you want to use the earrings and two is what do you want your earrings to look like, a determining factor is also the hairstyle and the general features of your face. There a few criteria’s of which you should take consideration when deciding to purchase your wedding earrings.

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These are like follows:

  • Size

The size of the wedding earrings is a decisive factor in the way that the face and whole bust will look like. If the wedding earrings are to big and you have a small, elongated face with a short thick neck you should use something in the middle nor big nor small earrings, if you use small earrings you will accentuate the elongated features of your face while if you use large earrings the features of your short neck will be accentuated and thus make you look disproportioned.

  • Weight

Your ears can only support so much weight. The ear is designed by nature to acquire sounds and that’s all the ear was never designed to hold or support foreign objects going trough it. Thus you should be careful to not get a pair of earrings that is to heavy, the ear can get elongated and it will hurt, not to mention that you will look like you’re carrying a heavy baggage with your ear.

  • Type

There are two types of earrings that you can find out there. The first is the simple model which is non invasive at all these type of earrings are commonly used by people at work or in a more casual atmosphere. These earrings fixate on your ears with a clamp and are usually lighter then the other type. The other type of earrings is used for heavier types of earrings or for smaller and more precise earrings. This is he type that you will use as wedding earrings since they offer you all the comfort and the support that you need in order to ware anything that you want for your wedding. There is also another type of earring that is common among students nowadays, the one that enlarges a ear pierce and fits inside a larger and larger piece of metal, plastic or wood that is used as a earring.

  • Style

There are many styles of wedding earrings from which you can chose just make sure you chose by thinking at yourself and not by thinking at a supermodel that looked great with a specific pair of wedding earrings.

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