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How to choose necklace?

Since it’s your wedding and you want that wedding jewelry that says: elegance, refinement, opulence … the wedding necklace is the most precious and most chic accessory of a bride. If you want to know the trends and how do the different necklaces fit your wedding dress, get ready for training!

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  • The house type necklace or collar. The house type is catching itself on the neck and the collar one sits at the neck. This two types of wedding necklaces are the two most demanding types of necklaces and the fit better on a bride with a fine neck delicate, long and thin, giving them an advantage. They fit great with strapless wedding dresses with deep V-neck or wide-neck, boat type and very important is the bridal hairstyle.
  •  The princess type necklace. Put the neck, slightly dropped between the clavicles and look great with a wedding dress with a naked shoulder or a deep V-neck dress can have a round shape or be shaped as a V.
  •  Wedding necklace shaped as a waterfall or Y. There are indeed two types extravagant looks sensational with a wedding dress with a plunging neckline or bust corset type. Similar to the chandelier earrings, the cascade necklace is placed on the chest and sensually flows in vertical strands, to the bust. The Y-shaped necklace has the same structure, but it has a perfectly shaped outlined Y.
  •  The opera collar type. It is then up to the waist long necklace that comes over her wedding dress. It is a very elegant and avant-garde type of necklace and it is found as follows: single strand, ideal for wedding dresses with round neckline, the neck … and 2 or even 3 strands, ideal for wedding dresses with an easy cleavage deep.

2012 trends in wedding necklaces

In 2012, the bride is wearing necklaces “statement”. This means: as large, oversized, more luxurious and opulent. Necklaces of pearls are preferred, over those in chains or necklaces with pendant. Stands and a major preference for lace collars or necklaces decorated with Swarovski crystal brooches and crystal pearls and large flowers.


· If you want a necklace that is observed in all its splendor, wearing a sophisticated hairdo built an airy and modern updo.

· If you have short hair, a necklace with oversized details is ideal.

· Stay away from the housing type necklaces or princess ones, if you have a short and thick neck. Gate, rather, a necklace type work, with several overlapping strands.

· Collars “statement”, extravagant wedding dresses go with simple and delicate. Do not wear a wedding dress and garnished with embroideries and bright applications.

· Watermark is choosing bridal necklace maverick who prefer hippie accessories.

· Wear a necklace whose color matches your wedding theme or think you summarize the tradition of “something blue” to a sophisticated necklace of stones.

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