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Excellent Tips on Choosing Your Wedding Jewelry

Either if you are a guest to someone’s wedding or if you are the bride of the wedding you don’t have to spend a fortune to get the look that you want. The easiest way o get the look that you want would be to have astronomical amounts of money and just go in the first wedding jewelry shop you can encounter and buy or order a diamond rig, necklace tiara, brooches and even earrings all with natural diamonds and natural pearls. But since life isn’t as easy as that to all of us, we might have to resume to some more under budget wedding jewelry. And no, that’s not going to mean that we will have to look bad or ugly.

Excellent Tips on Choosing Your Wedding Jewelry Excellent Tips on Choosing Your Wedding Jewelry Picture

There is an old saying that says that you are only as ugly on the outside as you are on the inside so I wouldn’t take that literary if I were you. So let’s open our mind and soul and think of something beautiful that will enhance our natural features. Wedding jewelry you’re saying trough all your pores yes I know but how should it look like; can we use some from our moms, grandmas or maybe we could just make some ourselves? To be honest yes, yes and yes, all of these ideas are actually great ideas and will allow you to either have a fashionable yet classy look by wearing the antique wedding jewelry of your grandma or of your mom. However, you should choose your jewelry according to the wedding’s style as well; if you’re planning a destination wedding, perhaps it won’t be the best idea to transport a family heirloom because you might lose it, or it may get damaged in transport. Instead your destination wedding checklist could contain a few tips for jewelry stores in the place you’re going to have your wedding; thus, you will always own something special from that location that will remind you of this unique event in your life.

Excellent Tips on Choosing Your Wedding Jewelry Excellent Tips on Choosing Your Wedding Jewelry Picture

You could opt for a more nonconformist look by deciding to go all out on make it yourself wedding jewelry. You don’t know how? Oh now that’s a pity you’ll just have to give up… Of course not, if you know how to use a pair of scissors then you can cut a piece of lace. Which means you can make a necklace out of it, you can get creative here you can use pebbles, by placing them on a string you can then either use them as they are ore just string clusters of 3-5 pebbles then tie them to the lace piece you have just cut.

You could sew some other pieces of lace together resembling flowers, mainly roses. You can even upgrade an older pair of earrings with pieces of different fabric giving them a new and unique design while at the same time leaving your budget almost intact. Depending on the season you might be able o make yourself a tiara out of flowers like the lily of the valley and generally spring flowers that are beautifully colored and smell great.


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