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Diamond Wedding Bands

If you have enough money you might still want to think twice before you spend something between 5000 and 500000 dollars or euros on a complete set of diamond jewelry. What I mean by set at only 5000 dollars or euros is the two wedding rings and maybe shirt buttons and a brooch but mainly the rings. You might wander why would a pair of rings be as expensive as that? As you might already know most of the shops that sell diamond jewelry have a name.

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I mean you just don’t go to the mall and go bananas on the first shop that sells a pair of rings that they say that has diamonds as well. Of course you don’t you just go strait on the internet searching for diamond jewelry and as soon as you do that you remember all the big names of the industry, names that you remember that were mentioned in some soap opera or on some T.v. show. One think is sure with diamond jewelry it is under no circumstance cheap.

Why is it so expensive? Still that question? Oh well let’s see add company brand name 1000 euros or dollars price check, add diamond price (one of the rarest rocks on earth) another 1000 euros or dollars and another 500 dollars or euros fabrication price per peace and you got yourself a 5000 euros or dollars tag price for a ring that you will be scared to even ware considering it costs a small fortune. And if you want a necklace and earrings as well oh well let’s just say that the children of your children will have to recuperate their tuition money by selling your set.

You could get a cheaper offer from companies that use man made diamonds but don’t expect a huge difference the prices will still be high. To create a diamond it requires loads of pressure and a hot environment not to mention the great amount of luck. In nature diamonds are created near the center of the earth and they get close enough to the surface in order to be mined in a matte of hundred of years or even more, so you can imagine how hard it is to reproduce the process. If you think that only the diamonds are expensive think again, not many people risk their life savings to cut a diamond or to work with one to embed it into a precious metal and I’m not talking about silver here since it’s unlikely that you will ever see such an expensive gem in such a cheap metal.

Diamond jewellery don’t usually go out of style. However, there are certain jewelry pieces that follow the latest fashion trends. If you are a true fashion victim, you will want to do some research on the latest jewelry trends before investing a lot of money in a diamond jewelry set. You can find the latest jewelry trends on along with many other fashion tips and tricks. This blog is perfect for the modern woman who does not have time to watch all possible fashion shows yet still wants to keep in touch with the latest trends. You should consult this blog whenever you want to make a big investment in your wardrobe or in your jewelry collection. Furthermore on you will find plenty of wedding band models that will definitely inspire you to choose the perfect one for you.

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