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Designing Your Own Wedding Ring!

I bet you always dreamed of having the perfect wedding ring both for you and for your soul mate but you still don’t know how to reach such a feat. Well I’m pretty sure I know what you want and I think I know how you can get the perfect wedding ring you always dreamed of. The theory is quite simple actually, all you have to do is have a great imagination and be able to express your wish either in wards or in drawing. Once you know what you want and how it should look like you can send the drawn design to a company that creates jewelry.

Designing Your Own Wedding Ring Designing Your Own Wedding Ring Picture

If you don’t know how to draw you can talk with a person that can you can get a sketch that you can then send further to the jewel crafter workshop. Here your design will be analyzed and an estimate price will be issued for you. You can then place the order or search for a different manufacturer. However if you want to get a wedding ring that is made in a handmade jewelry workshop you will have to have a pretty round up budget since handmade jewelry is pretty expensive even without being made on demand. Making handmade jewelry after a client’s pattern is not something that will come in cheaply, not to mention that not every handmade jewelry workshop will agree to create your wedding ring after your own pattern.

Designing Your Own Wedding Ring Designing Your Own Wedding Ring Picture

Assuming you managed to convince someone to follow your raw sketch and take the challenging task of making your wedding ring you will now have to decide which materials they will use. You can get your wedding ring out of silver not popular at all but cheap to manufacture even after your conditions. Your handmade jewelry will be made from the material you desire but none will waste a diamond on a silver wedding ring. So you are left with only two metal choices if you desire to get a diamond ring.

Designing Your Own Wedding Ring Designing Your Own Wedding Ring Picture

You can have either gold, white gold that is or platinum. Since the design is already chosen the only think left to choose is the diamond. You can either choose a man made one which is less expensive as a natural made one or chose the natural made one which is more valuable. The size matters as well these will influence the total cost of the operation. The color of the diamond is just as important as the way in which is cut.


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