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Cartier Destinee Solitaire

Planning to propose to your one and only? Or are you just wandering through different engagement rings just to get an idea of what is out there and maybe how you want your engagement ring to look? Either way when looking for an engagement ring, you should definitely not overlook, because the ring you are about to buy will forever be a reminder of your love.

Therefore, Cartier is the brand you would want to choose. The Cartier Destinee Solitaire may be the ring you are looking for, this ring looks as if it has fallen from heaven itself.

cartier-destinee-solitaire-picture3 cartier-destinee-solitaire-picture3

With an extraordinary diamond – a full stone with an exquisite aura of little diamonds cut in a superb manner, the Cartier Destinee Solitaire is one of the classic engagement rings made designed Cartier. The four claw setting influenced by the 1895 Solitaire model underlies the complicated architecture which was introduced by the creative framework of the Cartier Destinee, the crown of little diamonds surrounding the big stone. The light is captured and refracted by the noticeable pavilion, which explains why the diamond is so exalted. The stone is encircled by a halo exceptionally cut little diamonds which discretely hide the platinum, thus permitting the big diamond to become the centerpiece among the little “stars” around it that shine so bright.

cartier-destinee-solitaire-picture cartier-destinee-solitaire-picture

The ring is truly adorned with small cavities crafted in such a way to fit each stone perfectly, without any visible claws, thus obtaining the much desired effect of utter brilliance. In order for the little brilliant cut diamonds, each hole has been polished by hand and crafted to fit the big stone in the closest way possible. This delicate and precise technique also gently illuminates the metal you have chosen, either platinum or yellow gold.

The Cartier Destinee Solitaire ring requires 14 delicate mountings, offering you the opportunity to choose between a round diamond of 0.18 carats and a round diamond of 2.99 carats. Each Cartier solitaire diamond has a GIA certificate. The GIA (Gemological Institute of America) is an independent international organization which determines the quality standards in the certificate accompanying the diamond. It sets the classification of diamonds in compliance with the 4 Cs: clarity, carat, color and cut. Cartier always uses only diamonds that are officially certified, therefore meeting the most rigorous criteria – featuring all four Cs, to which Cartier adds its own fifth attribute, charisma. 

cartier-destinee-solitaire-picture2 cartier-destinee-solitaire-picture2

So, if you have decided that this is the ring you want as engagement ring you need to know the price of such a jewel starts at HK$66,000.


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