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Cartier D’Amour Solitaire

When you choose a Cartier engagement ring, you enter the list of legendary couples who have opted to seal their affection with a piece of jewelry engraved with intertwining C initials. The ring is placed in a small box made of leather, waiting to be offered to the right person, at the right time. Some examples of famous people who have turned to the Parisian jeweler are: Prince Rainier III of Monaco who bought a Cartier engagement ring for his dear Grace Kelly. She never took the ten carat diamond ring off her finger. The Duchess of Windsor was offered a Cartier emerald by the Duke of Windsor, and many other gifts designed by Cartier during the years they spent together.

The Cartier company was founded in 1847 by Louis Cartier who was the pioneer of the use of platinum in the years 1860s. Jewelry experts say that platinum is the perfect metal for mounting a diamond and allows the jeweler to create subtle, elegant creations, thus there is no wonder why Cartier chose to use platinum as his primer metal for his jewelry collections, and for his ring (created especially for engagements) that we will further discuss about – Cartier D’Amour Solitaire. Platinum is a strong precious metal that requires minimal settings and that permits the light to shine into the diamond. However, for those of you who may prefer warmer tones, there are two other options available: yellow and rose gold. Although, you should be aware of that not all the jewelry is available in these tones.

Cartier D’Amour Solitaire is an engagement ring (and it can be worn not only as an engagement ring, as you can wear it for other special occasions, too) that was made to be looked at with appreciation from every viewpoint; its unique setting puts emphasis on the center stone (a brilliant-cut diamond) that has a touch of modernity.


The Cartier D’Amour Solitaire engagement ring is available in two versions. The first version of the ring has platinum setting with brilliant-cut diamonds, having as central stone a brilliant-cut diamond which is available from 0.18 carats to 0.59 carats. The second version is exactly the same with only a few exceptions: the platinum set ring is paved with diamonds and the central brilliant-cut diamond is available from 1.00 carats to 1.10 carats.

The refined structure, the framework and shape of the Cartier D’Amour Solitaire ring transform it into a grand acquisition, while the design of the ring offers it a traditional charm. If you are thinking of investing your money in this beautiful jewel, you may want to know that its price is $ 16,500.


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