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Bridal Jewelry Gifts

One of the things that should be one any bride’s guide to planning a wedding is the bridesmaid gift or gifts if there is more than one bride. The bridesmaids are the lucky women that benefit from the bridal jewelry gifts since it is a tradition nowadays for the bride to give jewelry gifts to the made of honor and the bridesmaids. This bridal jewelry gifts will be worn during the wedding day, and are given out at the rehearsal dinner. The most common bridal jewelry gifts are necklaces and earrings for women and in some cases the men of honor are also given some jewelry. They receive buttons and tie pins. Bridal jewelry gifts are handed out so that the people close to the bride and groom during the wedding can look as if they are part of the same team. They also represent the appreciation of the bride and groom for their support on such a special day.

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When you start your guide to planning a wedding, make sure you put down choosing bridal jewelry as well; as a bride-to-be, it is your responsibility and pleasure, if budget allows, to offer your bridesmaids jewelry for the wedding day that match each other and the dresses they will be wearing. The necklaces that are part of the woman bridal jewelry gifts must be of the same design, and by that I mean that they have to be of the same color and texture. The actual design can vary a bit from person to person since not all bridesmaids are the same, some might have bigger proportions then others and a big necklace doesn’t fit well a short thick neck.

How many times have you so a picture with the bridesmaids where all of them had the same dress and bridal jewelry. The earrings are the perfect bridal jewelry gifts since they can be warn with ease and they can be easily matched with a necklace. The best would be to get a set of a necklace and a pair of earrings. This will allow the bridesmaids to look different by having different dresses if they so chose but the will still have something to bring them together.

As for man jewelry there are different types of shirt buttons. These can be out of gold, silver or with a diamond, but that type of design and gemming is only deemed worthy for the groom. For the groomsman the buttons and the tie pin can be bought of the same model with ease by just getting a set for each person. Usually to these is not paid much attention so often groomsmen don’t get anything.

Some couples might decide to get bridal jewelry gifts for bridesmaids and groomsman that are just some kind of reword for them being there for them so they won’t be jewels that are given for the use on the wedding day and instead they are jewels that can be warn all day.


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