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I’m sure that at least once you wandered about the tradition of the wedding ring and what is it with the passing on of the antique wedding jewelry.

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The ring is used since the time of ancient Rome when it was placed on the right hand on the ring finger, but not without a special significance. It was believed that the right hand has a vein leading to the heart, thus linking the two hearts. Other traditions were responsible for making rings passed from parents to their children, as the model after which today children inherit them from their parents. The tradition signifies that the responsibility will be bared over several generations.

A fixed gemstone engagement ring also has its special significance. A diamond is the common vision of the couple, symbolizing: loyalty, love, purity. The resistance of this type of gems was probably taken into account as well especially since they are accompanying antique wedding jewelry. Diamond rings became so appreciated on the hands of young fiancé in the era of Charles the VII. Diamond-hard were considered as well the early-stage relationships due to the high transfer of energy that took place between the two lovers that exchanged rings giving them luck in the future as well as durability in their relationship.

The first woman from history that was found with a diamond ring on her hand was Agnès Sorel which was between 1422-1450, the mistress of Charles the VII. In that time the diamond wedding ring tradition appears: The Archduke Maximilian of Habsbourg gives Mary of Burgundy one diamond ring in 1477. The diamond, is a very strong stone, then becomes the symbol of conjugal fidelity. Shortly after this the tradition of passing on from generation to generation antique wedding jewelry became again a custom.

Unfortunately the extra conjugation relationships became accustom into our days as well thus making some people blame the diamond for the durability of a tainted love that he seems to eternally carry on ever since that incident.

Rings, necklaces, tiaras and others accessories are passed from generation to generation, thus most people consider it an honor to use antique wedding jewelry. Not only that the old jewels are back in fashion again but the handwork and the craftsmanship used in their creation is rarely matched by today’s creators.

It is a custom in many countries to give jewels from mother to son and from father to doter. Due to this custom many people chose antique wedding jewelry as an alternative use to buying new wedding rings.

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