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  • Fabulously glamorous bridal jewelry sets

    As soon as you hear that you are proposed your mind gets fixated on the jewelry store and with that in mind you rush to the store where you start staring as a young two year old dose to the cotton candy. The bridal jewelry sets at which you’re looking ...

  • How to choose necklace?

    Since it's your wedding and you want that wedding jewelry that says: elegance, refinement, opulence ... the wedding necklace is the most precious and most chic accessory of a bride. If you want to know the trends and how do the different necklaces fit your wedding dress, get ready for ...

  • Wedding Jewelry – how to match the wedding dress

    It sure was not easy to find that dream dress that you were looking for, but as you will soon find out choosing the right wedding jewelry to match it will prove to be just as hard. There are many details that need to be kept in mind: dress color, ...

The Cartier D’Amour Solitaire engagement ring is available in two versions: the platinum set ring is paved with diamonds and the central brilliant-cut diamond is available from 1.00 to 1.10 carats, and the platinum ring is simple and the central brilliant-cut diamond is available from 0.18 to 0.59 carats. The price of the ring is $ 16,500.

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In a world where trends and fashion rules are becoming increasingly noticed, there is no doubt that the accessories industry has grown tremendously and that its importance is being acknowledged all over the globe. With more and more jewelry creators, designers, stores and online shops appearing every single day, the number of choices for women and especially future brides has become incredibly vast. And there is more good news! The wedding industry and related tendencies have been getting a lot of highly anticipated attention recently which is precisely why increasingly larger numbers of women have begun to stay in touch  [ Read More ]

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With an extraordinary diamond – a full stone with an exquisite aura of little diamonds cut in a superb manner, the Cartier Destinee Solitaire is one of the classic engagement rings made designed Cartier. The light is captured and refracted by the noticeable pavilion, which explains why the diamond is so exalted.

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Just because you buy some expensive wedding earrings and jewelry, doesn’t mean that they will look good on you on your special day. It is important to learn how to match your jewelry with your wedding hairstyle.

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There are endless options one could have in wedding rings, but if you want something special for you and your soon to be wife or husband, you should pick among the titanium wedding rings which carry hand-carved designs from different floral-inspired motifs to various representations of fish, animal tracks and other outdoor motifs that can add to their originality and unique style.

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If you want to offer your fiancée an engagement ring that doesn’t cost a fortune, but still looks great and slightly different from the more expensive alternatives to diamond engagement rings, then you need to know inexpensive engagement rings offer you the chance to find out a ring that gets a diamond embedded in and that has smaller dimensions or uses a heart shape in order to create the illusion of a larger diamond.

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One of the most important tips future brides should follow is to never match chandelier bridal earrings with long, loose hairstyles because they’ll only overshadow each other; instead, opt for updos if you like chandelier earrings or for clip-on earrings if your hairstyle will be bigger and more complex.

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Nowadays, doing the best gift can make you be recalled by most of the receivers after even a couple of years. Since now we can clearly see the importance and headaches a wedding comes with, looking for most of the details from time to time is a condition that will help you carry easily the weight you are ought to feel on your shoulders at such an important event in your life. Either way you have already thought of one of the best groomsmen gifts or you are still looking for the perfect one, there’s nothing bad in seeing if  [ Read More ]

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If you want to pick among some unique wedding rings which are also ready–made, the easiest way to do so is to browse the Internet and search on some online jewelry stores for your wedding rings.

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Bridesmaid jewelry sets are very important for your closest friends so, in order not to go wrong when selecting them you should consider the cuts, fabrics and the silhouette of your bridesmaid dresses, along with the value they get in featuring some exquisite details like pearls and Swarovski crystals; a good tip would also be to admit the suggestions of your dearest friends in when you select these exquisite accessories.

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The interesting aspect of being able to create your own centerpieces is that they can actually be cheaper and, with the help of flowers, vases, candles, precious fabrics or ostrich feathers you can make something truly unique that represents you and your wedding and that everyone will notice and admire. Wedding centerpieces are important elements in the decorative part of organizing a wedding because they are finishing touches that bring a theme together and make everything look spectacular and memorable.

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There is no secret that every bride wants to look gorgeous at her big event. In order to do that she needs to put on the best wedding dress and accessories. When it comes to picking the right wedding dresses, we all know brides have a huge variety of different style wedding dresses to choose from. However, if you are among the soon to be brides you need as well to count a few facts regarding the dress you should purchase for you. And keep in mind that some bridal jewelry sets can match like no other the kind of  [ Read More ]

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Diamond simulants appeared not only as a result of several ethical unease and concerns, but because of the steep and stinging prices of true, naturally-formed diamonds as well. While many advocated against the unreasonable, dangerous, poorly paid and even illegal conditions in which some diamonds were being extracted, especially in parts like South Africa, scientists were coming up with solutions whose results they probably didn’t expect themselves. However, it must be noted that the diamond simulant..

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Nowadays, it is said that appearance is everything – but what kind of appearance? Since we all know that kitsch are out of discussion when we are talking about women who wish to feel proud about who they are, and then the tiara and jewelry sets are the ones left to talk about. From time to time, in order to satisfy women you need to take into account buying them something that can raise their self-esteem. It is worldwide known that this is the most wished thing by women, and how better way to put it into practice if not  [ Read More ]

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The brides choose the necklaces that they will ware at the wedding according to their entire outfit. Therefore they won’t decide to buy a bridal necklace that will extend to far down to their décolletage if their dress is one that has a shallow décolletage, the same goes for the reverse situation. You can’t ware a tight bridal necklace around your neck when your dress has a deep décolletage. A good tip for you to keep in mind when you’re going to buy a bridal necklace is to choose one that you will be able to use with other occasions  [ Read More ]

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One of the things that should be one any bride’s guide to planning a wedding is the bridesmaid gift or gifts if there is more than one bride. The bridesmaids are the lucky women that benefit from the bridal jewelry gifts since it is a tradition nowadays for the bride to give jewelry gifts to the made of honor and the bridesmaids. This bridal jewelry gifts will be worn during the wedding day, and are given out at the rehearsal dinner. The most common bridal jewelry gifts are necklaces and earrings for women and in some cases the men of  [ Read More ]

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